22nd April 2020

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Today is a special day for everyone in Love with Nature.

Happy 50th Anniversary Earth Day!

Today, if you are surfing on the web, you will find this message “Earth Day 2020”, on the search bar. Click on it and watch the animation. With the help of the cursor, the animated Bee is going to pollinate the virtual garden and informations are going to appear to keep you posted about the key role of the Bees across the world.

Food businesses, restaurants, catering businesses, Chefs and the whole population on Earth will be anything without the Bees. Bees are helping the world to create a large ranch of products, savours, flavours, fruits, vegetables. A simple message, No Bees, No Food. People are taking for granted the abundance of food found in the supermarket without realising that the vegetables and fruits are coming from somewhere. It’s a chain and it works pretty well, at least for the moment.

Click on the links below to discover what are the Bees doing for us and how to protect them. Every little help counts!


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