Spring time is on full steam and dishes are flying out of the kitchen. Easy to make and for a really good value, these delicacies will contribute to your good nutrition and well-being over Spring time and the Summer.

It will not take you long to realise that by keeping everything simple, your lifestyle is going to change and you’ll notice the benefits. The lockdown has been one of the starting point of these changes. Not to be able to go to the shops whenever you want and to make store cupboard ingredients last longer has led me be more flexible on how to cook and what to eat. Welcome back to seasonal and diverse foods and some home cooking creativity!

Below, you will see how amazing was this journey was, so far 9 weeks confined at home. Getting ingredients from our local farm or from a vegetable supplier, Smith & Brock,  based in London, as well as some infrequent trips to the supermarket.

Simple, tasty and sustainable were the motto at home. We were keeping the budget tight but without compromising the quality of the ingredients. Local veg has been my most favourite surprise this lockdown.

Blanched, raw, pickled, seasoned, the options are multiple but the final result is always the same, delicious. You don’t need to pretend to be the best chef on Earth to please your family and yourself with a good plate of food. Authenticity and flair will guide you along  your Spring vegetable journey.

Everything has started from our local farm in week 1 where we bought a few eggs, a bunch of asparagus, a cauliflower, a swede and a hispi cabbage.

Then, when I have been introduce to Smith & Brock, a second wave of amazing fruits and fresh vegetables were delivered on my doorstep.

And finally, the best way to get everything fresh – foraging. (My favourite!)

A series of dishes have been cooked at home with love and care. They are a joy for us all who need to eat more veg in their diet, most of them are vegetarian or vegan option recipes. Using a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, nothing else has been used to feed us and to keep our budget under a pound per portion.

Colourful, fresh, crunchy, original, healthy, these plates of food are affordable and easy to make. Fives minutes are more than enough to plate them and to be enjoyed by the whole family, as a side or a main course or as snacking and sharing dishes. Now, it’s your turn to take your apron and to be inspired. Bon Ap├ętit!

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