The glory of melted, bubbling cheese – delicious! On an evening when you don’t have too much time you can always fall back on a trusted favourite, pasta bake. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy, even when there is cheese on top. Choose 2-3 of your favourite veg (we went for onion, frozen sweetcorn and diced courgettes) and if you want it to be more substantial add a protein (chicken or bacon is always a winner but should be cooked before adding to the bake, tinned tuna for time saving, Quorn for keeping it vegetarian) and make your sauce with tinned tomatoes rather than a jar sauce. Don’t forget plenty of seasoning for your personal “je ne sais quoi” (we love paprika, garlic and chilli flakes for a little kick!). Play around with your ingredients, you can’t really go wrong… but don’t forget the pasta!

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