Today, from the 20th of June to 22nd of September, Summer time has officially started with a great start, here, in London. Kicking off the day around 6am, it’s always a delight to see the sun rising and having a look in the garden while everyone still asleep.

Raspberry, strawberry, tomato plants, corn on the cob plants, the apple tree and beetroot, are growing at full speed. We have already had our first raspberries and strawberries from our garden but a lot more still to come!

Not only does the garden look lush, green and vibrant, we can also see a full range of British vegetables and fruits available on the market. Summer is also the time of the year when the days become longer and warmer, whilst the nights become shorter and mild.

Finally, for everyone who loves to have flowers at home and for those who like to enjoy their beautiful fragrance, Summer is the best time of the year to display bouquets in every rooms of  your house. Last week, Jayne and I received an amazing array of different flowers from friends and family to celebrate what would have been our wedding day – our ‘home sweet home’ looks almost like Kew Gardens! These cheery blooms have brightened each day for the past week and are still going strong… judge for yourself the beauty of nature and of Summer time.

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