A stunning view from “My Kitchen”

Last year, I have been lucky enough to enjoy my first experience of wild cooking with my friend Andy, who is born and bred in the Highlands, and the rest of the Falls of Shin‘s crew.

Enjoying this special moment has been a fundamental part of my love for foraging, gardening, picking and cooking wild foods.

I have learnt that simple things are the best and that some primordial steps are needed before cooking in the wilderness. Some of the most crucial steps are the following:

. Plan your menu but be prepare to be flexible as you never know what you are going to forage!!

. Bring the right equipment, actually, you will need a frying pan, a sauce pan, a chopping board, a few metal spoons and two knives including a Swiss Knife , it might be useful to open your bottles of wine!!!

. Build a fire (after checking for any restrictions and Leave No Trace recommendations).

. Experiment and be inventif!

After cooking Scottish Girolles in the wild, today, I am going to present you, how to cook this sumptuous cut of meat, a venison chateaubriand, courtesy of Andy and Mac and Wild.

No words could described what you are going to see below, except: STUNNING!

The ideal spot for cooking
A fire
The Perfect Garnish, Scottish Girolles

First, season the chateaubriand. Then, in a hot-smoking pan, seared the venison heavenly. Add a knob of butter, 1 crushed garlic clove and baste the meat for a few minutes. Leave it rest for 5 minutes. Curve the chateaubriand and put the sliced venison back in the cooking juice, season with Maldon salt and pepper. To appreciate the tenderness of the cut and the earthy flavour of the venison, I would suggest to cook it medium rare. The quality of the venison is stunning, Juicy, smooth and tender, the quality of the venison is stunning.

SlĂ inte Mhath!


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