Strawberry sorbet – Gluten and dairy free pistachio sponge

Whereas the strawberry season is almost, unfortunately, over, the desire to savour a final taste of these little red beauties might be overwhelming.

That’s why today, I am introducing you a dessert specially made to celebrate the start of the 2019 Tennis Championship at Wimbledon.

Strawberries are always associated with Wimbledon. Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of Champagne, a bowl of English Strawberry from Hugh Lowe Farms and whipped cream but to make this event even more special, a combinaison of flavours have been put together to create a delightfully memorable plate of food.

This mind-blowing dessert of strawberry and pistachio is technical but when all put together, this dessert is a pure joy for your taste buds.

A gluten and dairy free pistachio sponge as a base, a strawberry coulis, a strawberry sorbet, pistachio crumbs and, if you fancy to add a French touch to your dessert, a strawberry Macaroon from So Choux.

This dessert is gluten and dairy free until you add the strawberry Macaroon, as you must know, French Cuisine is always assimilated to butter!

If you like this dessert and you would like to have a go, please leave me a message in comments or email me at and I will share the recipes.

* Sophie, a friend of mine, who is the founder of So Choux, delivers the best Macaroons in the City of London.

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