By now, most of you who are reading my posts must know I have a love of making tarts. On this blog, 3 tart recipes have been posted already, Leek and Wild Garlic Tart, Rhubarb Tart, Caramelized Red Onion Tart.

Today, I am introducing you, a fourth tart recipe, a simple but absolutely delicious apple tart.

Only some French cooking basics are required to make this tart and by following the method step-by-step and by downloading the recipes needed, a Frangipane and a Sweet Pastry, it’s going to be a piece of cake to build the tart!

Use the Sweet Pastry recipe for the tart case. Make sure you follow it exactly, do not substitute ingredients or it might not turn out right. When the tart case has been blind baked and cooled, add the frangipane (from the Frangipane recipe) and spread it in the tart case. Heavenly.

Now, it’s the magic moment. Wash the apples, cut them in half, remove the core and with a sharp knife start to slice the apple. Try to slide as thinly as you can and keep them the same thickness as this will ensure they cook evenly.

The apple should be in one block but sliced. When all the apples have been sliced, begin to arrange the slices evenly in concentric circles on top of your frangipane working from the outside to the middle. Try to keep the same space between each slices. (See picture above). Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of sugar on top of the sliced apple.

Bake the tart at 185 degrees Celsius for 30-35 minutes until the apple on top is golden brown.

I would suggest a teaspoon of creme fraîche to accompany a slice of this sumptuous, classic tart.

Bon Apétit!

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