Since the beginning of March, principally since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyday I am thinking the same and I am reflecting on how time is precious.

What a wonderful year 2019 was, with some of the most exciting trips experienced with Jayne.

Indeed, we had a busy year travelling to news destination every 6 weeks. Time and Liberty were the secret ingredients of this successful recipe, “Souvenirs”.

It might take a while before to see the cities, like Marrakesh, Ouarzzazate, Essaouira, as they were when we went to visit them, or it might probably not happens. We will experience a new way on how to life the atmosphere created by busy, booming, buzzing cities epicenters with the “New Normal”!

This is what pictures are made for!! To watch them and to remember that everything around us is precious. Hopefully with time people will think that way, that every single action taken has a consequence. Most of us have reflected about it and have decided to change the way we approach life, but unfortunately every day in London I can see that people’s habits; people’s ideas and lifestyles will take a while before they change.

Anyway, today’s subject is Morocco. Going to Morocco with Jayne was one of the most exciting trips we had together. Through the 15 days that we spent there every single day was different. Marrakesh and its souks, Essaouira and its port, Ouarzzazate and its carpet makers.

We flew above Marrakesh and we had a brief idea of what was going to happen, ” It was going to be hot!!”


I like visiting new countries. It was my first visit to Morocco and I was feeling pretty excited for two reasons. The first one was to spend 15 days with Jayne exploring new destinations. The second was, finally, to taste new dishes, spices and wines!

A few things that I learnt while being in Morocco is Morocco produces wines. Morocco is the second-largest wine-producing country in the Arab world. Red wine is the most widely produced while rosé and grey are produced on a smaller scale.

You must say, how did it happen? Jayne and I booked a few nights at one of the riads in Marakkesh, in the old town. Marakkesh has kept its old town centre where the souk is the lung of the city and the New Town where all the trendy brands have concessions there.

La terrasse des Oliviers is open the all year. 

Riad, La Terrasse des Oliviers

Anyway, when we got there, the owner of the riad, Renault, welcomed us and told us what we were allowed to do and what is forbidden. Drinking in public was one of his first suggestions of what not to do but Renault was more than happy to serve wines at his riad. A local wine, of course. When I say local, most wine lists come from vineyards near the moderating breezes of the Atlantic or the cool foothills of the Atlas Mountains. One of the vineyards well represented there, is La Ferme Rouge. Visit their website, read more about how two successive kings have encouraged outside investment in vineyards and wineries, and that encouragement is paying off in the past 10 to 15 years.


Olives and Spices

Food is another subject. My mind has been blown away when Jayne and I went to Essaouira, The Windy City of Africa. The port and their fishermen are the lungs of the city. Fresh fish is being delivered there everyday. The port is a massive point of attraction for tourists. A few places are open where you can buy freshly caught fish that it still alive on the stalls. Cats are dancing everywhere, it’s definitely what could be a paradise for cats!!

Jayne and I bought a few fish at a stall and we walked a few yards to find a place where they prepare, cook and serve to you in a matter of minutes. They offer a few sides and they take a small percentage of your final bill as they are prepping the fish for you. It’s definitely a winner! Barbecued fish and a couple of sides on a port surrounded by cats! A lifetime experience!!

Breakfast on a sunny day


Shopping, visiting, exploring, chatting, discovering, eating, relaxing, and finally sleeping a few nights in the desert, Morocco is offering a full range of activities.

Sahara desert

Sleeping in the desert after a long walk riding a camel and surfing on the sandy dunes were my most memorable time in Morocco.

Atlas Mountains


I would like to say thank you to the people who we met through our trip. Their kindness, generosity, hospitality and welcome were awesome.

My best souvenirs of the people living there are from our two camel guides and our bus driver when we went to the desert. One of them, Omar, made what the locals call the “Berber Whisky” which is actually a mint tea with a lot sugar!! A sweet and minty flavour tea enjoyed around the fire place, priceless!

Our first guide, Omar

The second one, Bassou (He is running his own business), entertained us the second evening with their stories, knowledge of living in the desert and finally their musics!! Thank you again.

Finally, our bus driver who was saying everytime “Meshi Mushkil” which means “It’s not a problem”

Shukrun to all of you!!

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