What a discovery I made last weekend!! Usually, I don’t feel comfortable cooking with ingredients that I am not used to, for example plums and almond butter. However, Avalon Plum Trees are in season at the moment. So, in search of a new recipe I have decided to open a cooking book from one of my favourite chefs, Daniel Humm.

Avalon Plum Trees

Daniel Humm is from Switzerland and he is now based in New York. He is the chef/owner of the best restaurant in the World, Eleven Madison Park.

I found a delicious sounding recipe for an Upside Down Plum Cake that I new I had to try! I read a couple of times the recipe before to make it. As I am not familiar with his type of cooking and the ingredients used, I preferred to play on the safe side before attempting anything. (This is a good tip for the most experienced chefs as well as most novice home cooks – always make sure you are familiar with recipe before you begin, it will help the process.)

So, we are in the UK, where the plums are reaching their peak. The plums are, at the moment, tasty, juicy, nutritious and also very good value. So, I have decided to give Daniel Humm’s recipe a go. And it didn’t dissapoint.


Most of the ingredients needed to make the cake are available in the UK. I am saying this because in other countries the ingredients used are sometimes substituted for other things. What is the fruit in season in your country right now?

So, I went to my local shop to get the groceries needed to make the cake.

You can find the recipe HERE. I have decided to write it up and to add the recipe as a link for two reasons. A: This recipe is not exactly technical but it does require attention and skills. B: The list of the ingredients is quite long. (Longer than my usual recipes.)

The pictures below showing a step-by-step story board of the method. Note, I have upgraded a few ingredients from the original recipe, eg. Almond Butter instead of Almond paste, and I used ground almonds instead of almond flour. My choices were based on what was available in my local shop.


I purchased the almond butter from Sainsbury’s. My first time using an ingredient like this and I was impressed – I’ll be trying it again!

I have used the left over of buttermilk to make a dip going with this amazing upside down plum cake. I mixed the buttermilk left in the pot with the almond butter and a splash of lemon juice. Make sure that the texture is right, it must be firm but creamy at the same time.

My mum gave me this round silicon cake mold. I love it, no need to add any extra butter or oil. It doesn’t stick. It’s definitely worth it to get one!

Please leave any feedback or comment below. I am always curious to know what you, readers, are thinking about the recipes and articles written on this blog page.


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