I know, it might look like an empty plate at the moment but how you are going to create this empty plate can make a big difference. So, look at it twice before you send it.

An empty plate

Last week, I started to help you through this journey with a few tips. Today, I will share more.


Smaller flavour bites are more appreciated than a unique flavour. For example, when I cook game meats like pigeon, I prefer to use only one breast and one leg. Pigeon breast is usually served medium-rare and the leg confit to enjoy every single bite of it. Pigeon is a wonderful meat; gamey, deep, tender so balancing the flavour of the dish is important. For example, a pigeon breast with half of a roasted fig and a few Jerusalem artichoke crisps.

At the same time, I combined various textures. The tenderness of the pigeon breast, the meatiness of the pigeon leg and the crispiness of the jerusalem artichoke crisps.

Or, for example, this refreshing summer dessert. A soft pistachio sponge, a macaroon, the velvet texture of a strawberry sorbet and a soil of toasted pistachio.

Pistachio cake, strawberry macaroon, strawberry sorbet

The recipe of this dessert is available here .


I have always been told to leave the piece of meat that I cooked to rest for a good five minutes. This avoids blood appearing on the bottom of the plate and it gives a tender texture to the piece of meat soon to be plated.

With fish, I leave the piece of fish, it can be sea bass or cod, carefully on a kitchen towel to absorb any liquids before plating it.


One of the best examples of a skilled chef is to taste the vegetables that he/she is prepping. Vegetables are better crunchy than soggy. For example, carrots or broccoli.

To blanch vegetables is not rocket science. But it’s about timing and taste to get them crunchy, tasty and seasoned properly.


Avoid using pungent flavours without balancing them out with milder flavours.

For example, the pigeon breast dish described above.


I always wipe the plates before sending them out of the kitchen. A clean plate without oil marks, drips, splashes or finger prints will make a better impression.

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