I am really lucky to have enough space in my garden to grow a small variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Edible flowers are trendy at the moment and you must use them accordingly for your dish.

  • Nasturtiums (flowers/leaves) have a slightly acidic peppery flavour; e.g. they are great to accompany a peach dessert.
  • Cucumber flowers: Acidic, use them to accompany summery fish dishes.

I like using wild garlic flowers during spring time. Wild garlic flowers are easy to purchase and they are the perfect accompaniments to a fresh wild garlic soup .

Carrot green tops are great to make a pesto or a chimichurri sauce.


I have spent so many hours polishing my skills and inspiration. It’s unbelievable!

Do I need social media to get inspired? No!! Why, I will copy and paste something done already?

A few years ago, we were cooking without having a camera in our pocket. The most important thing was to make the dish right and to assure that the service will go smoothly!

I have always been told to check my seasoning, to send a crispy croquette or to guarantee a hot plate of food. To be honest, it was more important for me to make everything right than to have a nice picture of the dish.

Over the years I have received a wealth of knowledge from all my former Head Chefs. The list of their personal advices is short but effective…….

  • Hard work always pays off
  • Everything is about flavour
  • Don’t over complicate your dish
  • Keep it simple
  • Every ingredient should complement each other
  • Keep reading and focusing on the new trends
  • Taste, taste, taste your food
  • A happy chef makes great food
  • Be sharp from the first minute that you walk in the kitchen
  • Have always a cool and tidy mind. It will help you to go through your day


Below, is a selection of simple dishes that I made the last few months. Exploring and trying new or old recipes is my aim at the moment. Food is a joy to cook and great food keeps me happy!


Read this article, How to plate dishes worthy of a fine dining restaurant, to understand more the art of plating.

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