First things first. Is it better to use a silicone or metal mold? With no doubt, METAL!!!


I have been looking for the right article to describe perfectly these little beauties, Madeleines. The article written by Baking like a Chef offers a full description about Madeleines.

I will leave you to go through this fantastic article and to take the best tips from it.

Meanwhile, I am going to share with you the recipe that I used to make a batch of fresh French Madeleines yesterday.


I worked for almost 4 years at Trinity in Clapham Common, London. Adam Byatt, chef/owner of Trinity taught us the most important kitchen skills and he shared with us his love for food. That’s why, every time that I am looking for a classic recipe, I open his cooking book and I discover the recipe I am after.

Today’s recipe is Madeleines. The recipe can be found¬†HERE.

I was running out of honey when I baked yesterday, but I added 1 zest of a lemon to balance the flavour and to bring some freshness.

These Madeleines are so easy to make that you can always keep a container with the ready-made mixture inside your fridge so you can whip up some fresh baked Madeleines whenever you fancy!

Follow each steps of this recipe and you will end with a full tray of hot and perfect Madeleines each time.



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