I am still undecided about my favourite time of the year. Is it Summer time including fresh salads, light main meals, and fruity desserts – perfect for al fresco dining OR Autumn with its selection of luscious earthy dishes.


As most of you know, I have spent my childhood in France where the gastronomy follows the season. My mum used to cook for all of us earthy meals. Cheaps cuts, stews, soups were some of her specialties.

My mum was born and bred in Normandy. Classic and simple food but with a lot flavour is the best way to describe Normandy food. Actually, the quality of the cuisine in Normandy makes it a must-visit area if you’re a gourmet.


Boudin noir or Black pudding as we know it here in the UK, is a rich sausage made from pigs blood. It’s usually paired with a creamy mash and caramelised apple. That’s why, on this version, I haven’t add any sauce. A clean plate cooked with 3 simple ingredients and for a good value meal.

When I was a kid, we used to have once a week, a plate of mash with black pudding and apple.

Black pudding must be grilled to be enjoyed. Both sides must be pan fried to have a nice crust. Two different textures to balance the dish. The smoothness of the mash and the crustiness of the black pudding. A regal!


It’s not rocket science to make a smooth mash. The protocol needs to be followed. The potatoes must be cooked properly, I mean not under cooked or over boiled. Otherwise, you might have a grainy mash or a watery mash. Then, from my personal point of view, a good mash includes dairy. Double cream and butter are primordial to get this smooth and shiny result. Finally, a good seasoning, grated nutmeg and salt. Work the mash consistently until to get a smooth and homogeneous texture.


Today, I am starting a repertoire including my favourite recipes when I was younger. I might be older now but the pleasure to taste a bite of a creamy mash is always a satisfaction.

Through the next few weeks, I will introduce some of the best delicacies that are available during this time of the year. What is great with Autumn and winter is that everyday is a different day. The natural light, the colour of the trees, the vegetables, the fruits and the abundance of nuts are changing everyday.

Keep tuned and see you very soon with a nice stew braising slowly in a slow cooker.

Meanwhile, watch the following video (available on YouTube) about How English Black Pudding is made in Bury.

How Black Pudding is made in Bury


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