What a rich and earthy Sunday lunch could be without a side of Dauphinoise.

From the Dauphiné region in south-eastern France, a Dauphinoise is a French classic side dish to accompany a variety of meals through the cold days.

Dauphiné includes some famous French cities for their cultural gastronomy heritage. Grenoble, Vienne, Valence, Gap are some of these cities where food rhymes with gastronomy.


Dauphinoise is a French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk or cream. I am using the gratin method which I learnt when I was passing my cooking diploma in France.

First, I thinly slice a few medium-starch potatoes and I layer them harmoniously in a buttered shallow dish. I season each layers with salt and pepper.

Then, I infuse a ratio of double cream, milk with garlic, nutmeg and thyme on the top of the stove. This base will be the sauce needed to create the magic of what a Dauphinoise is.

Then, I pour the double cream and milk mixture on top of the potatoes layered in my buttered shallow dish.

I preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, I top the Dauphinoise off with grated cheese like Comté or gruyere.

I bake the Dauphinoise until bubbly and the cheese starts to colour.

Finally, I present the dish in the middle of the table and I warn my guests by saying, ” Attention, c’est chaud!”


Short Rib of Beef with Dauphinoise and Savoy Cabbage


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