This week, Jayne and I went for a special weekend away. Jayne is in charge most of the time for finding great locations and venues when we are planning to have some time off.

I really trust her flair and intuition so I am always excited to get ready with my suitcase and walking boots.


This weeks destination was in Sussex. Jayne booked a couple of nights at The Powder Mills Hotel located near the quirky small town of Battle, The Powder Mills Hotel offers a large range of Bedrooms and Suites. I like the fact that the Hotel has kept the Georgian decor and style. Even if the Powder Mills looks dated, the property is being looked after to a high standard.


Despite the Powder Mills Hotel being located in the heart of the English countryside, the menu is appealing. I was a bit sceptical about the quality but I was absolutely wrong.

First, the English breakfast is cooked fresh and the quality of the bacon and sausages are great. A tray offering our cereals and croissants are presented first, followed by the hot plates.

The dinner was as good as the breakfast or even better. Jayne had the cauliflower soup and to follow, a rich and creamy saffron risotto. I had the deep fried Brie with a tomato chutney and a burger.

The Powder Mills Hotel is owned by a lady who is probably in her 80’s. She is always around making sure that everything is of a high standard. This summer, the Government established the scheme Eat out to Help out. My point of view is that with the current situation everyone who is able to do it should support local businesses and companies across the country. Jayne and I have an aim when we are going away, making sure that we support as much as we can local business because without them the shape of the main city centres or rural economy would be so different.


Camber Sands Beach is located in East Sussex. A few minutes away from the historic and picturesque town of Rye, Camber Sands Beach is a lovely beach with sand dunes. 

Jayne and I spent a few good hours walking along the beach and I would like to take this opportunity to make people realise and understand that we should look after our eco system and patrimoine. 

Except the fact that we had a lovely afternoon walking along the beach, I have found myself disappointed and sad to see how some people are unrespectful. The amount of litter left by some walkers is unacceptable and I have decided to take a few minutes of my time to collect what was on the ground, yoghurt pots, empty plastic bottles, plastic spoons, etc…


Then, the following day, I sent an email to Camber Council to let them know how poor their maintenance is of the seafront in Camber and this is the response that I have received from Phillipa:

Dear Fabrice,

Thank you for your email together with the attached photographs of the litter left a Camber Sands Beach.

I have been in touch with our Neighbourhood Services Team Leader and she has responded as follows:

Thank you for this. We have reviewed the winter schedule at Camber and have now installed twice the amount of bins that were out when Fabrice contacted you yesterday. The bins were installed today and we will be monitoring visitor behaviour and the amount of litter in the area over the next few weeks.’

Many thanks for taking the time to clear the rubbish yourself and also for getting in touch with us.

We hope that having the extra bins installed will lead to less litter being left behind by visitors on and around the beach and as mentioned we will continue to monitor the area.

Kind Regards,

 Philippa Nelson

Customer Services Officer

I want just to take this opportunity to say if you like walking with your family, friends and kids on the beach please respect it as you would like others to do for you.

Jayne and I are moving near Chichester in the next few weeks to come. I have decided to apply with an organisation, Sussex Wild Life Trust, to keep the beach clean during my time off. Mixing pleasure and well being, you can’t go wrong!!


Please visit Ryan’s website if you are looking for any information regarding the weather or tides in Camber Sands. The link is attached below and I definitely recommend it as I have found it really helpful.

Tides and Weather in Camber Sands




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