Cacao powder and coconut dates balls.


I have been away for a few weeks from my blog as I have started a new position as Head of Food for a company based in London.

Also, in the coming weeks, a new addition will be joining our family, hopefully, a future new talent in the Chef’s world! This has made me think more about nutrition for expectant mums and also little recipes using ingredients that are supposed to bring on labour – pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, dates, chili… All old wives tales rather than scientific based, but absolutely worth a try!


As the due day is approaching, I’ve been reading and researching a few facts about giving birth, health and cooking as one of the ways I can help and support my wife. That’s why today I have incorporated in one recipe, three magic ingredients to make a fabulous snack for my wife and future mum-to-be. These tick the boxes as foods that could induce labour and also meet her cravings! I have mixed into one bowl these three cheap ingredients on my wife’s current menu – chocolate, raspberry leaf tea and dates.

Veganuary still on until the end of the month so if you are ful-ttime vegan or simply trying it out then these date ball snacks will be perfect for you, but for me I think they are delicious to be eaten at anytime through the year no matter what diet you follow. They are vegan, gluten free and healthier than the snacks that you can buy from the shop.

Low cost, energetic and tasty with no cooking required – they are so easy to make and fun for the whole family if you need an idea for a lesson during lockdown! Left them on the kitchen table and they will disappear as fast as you roll them!


Serves: 30 balls


250g pitted dates; 1 tea bag (I used raspberry leaf, you can use whichever flavour you prefer); 50g margarine, 50g chocolate (dark is preferable, milk also works); 100g desiccated coconut; a sprinkling of cacao powder and/or desiccated coconut to roll them in

First, soak the pitted dates in the tea for 30 minutes. Make sure that the dates are covered with the tea. At the same time melt the chocolate in the microwave for approximately 20 seconds so it is soft, NOT fully melted.

Check if the dates are soft to touch. When soft, by using a food processor, your hands or a @kitchenaid, mash the dates with some of the tea. Make sure that the mix is not too wet, it should just be a bit sticky.

Next, add the margarine and soft/melted chocolate. Stir.

Finally, add the dissicated coconut. The final mix must look like a paste.

Leave the mix on the side for one hour until the coconut soaks up the extra moisture.

Start balling the dates balls.

Check out this article from Feel Good Foodie to get more fact about dates balls, Vegan-date-balls.





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