First things first, Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones.

2021 was a tough but interesting year for me personally and for my career as a chef. Different circumstances took me away from my writing and recipes which I have started in 2020 during the first lockdown beginning in March. It was the start of the spring time and since then a lot happened in my personal and professional life.

My wife and I moved into our new home before the birth of our little girl, last January. I have taken a step back from cooking for a couple of reasons. I am not going to say that it has been with pleasure but through the pandemic I did my best to be self sufficient for my family and to keep myself busy while the whole hospitality industry was shut down.


I used my time to work for one of the biggest global companies, Amazon. I did it for almost 6 months and what a challenge. Leaving my comfort zone and starting a new physical and demanding job. It could be worst you might say, and at the end of the day, Amazon did help me on with how to think differently about work and about the reasons why we choose to do different jobs.

When my contract ended with Amazon my other option to keep myself earning an income to support my family was to get on board with a job at a nursery for plants. From March to August 2021, I experienced situations more mentally tough and physically demanding than to be in a kitchen or even at Amazon. Working in the cold under the rain or in a greenhouse with temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius, while outside the sun is shinning hot. Standing for hours while potting thousand plants of different types of tomatoes, weeding greenhouses, moving plants the all day long, watering for hours the different plant beds… At the end of the day, it has been a positive experience. I have managed time to reflect a lot about my situation and the global situation, I had time to look after my little baby and to do some DIY work at home which I have found relaxing and rewarding – who knew!


Then, in August, I started a chef position for a boarding college. 600 students plus 150 staff members – get the pans ready! I have never pan fried so many eggs at once! To deliver breakfast every morning, 210 eggs were poached, scrambled or pan fried. I thought that it would be a great move for my career to work for a school in a stable environment that could last me the next 30 years, but the je ne sais quoi of working in high end catering was missing for me. I love working with the best ingredients and love to create and plate stunning dishes.

Now, I am offering my services as a consultant chef for The Goodwood Group in Chichester. I have been doing this since November. That’s why I am now in a better position to begin writing again and to add more pictures of my cooking.

As you will see, my social media has been on stand by a while but now bring it on!


January, maybe for you it’s ‘Dry January’ or perhaps you’re challenging yourself with ‘Veganuary’. As part of the trend for vegan, sustainable, healthy, nutritious and tasty meals, I will post in the next few days 3 recipes to make it even easier and even more appealing. I have huge love for butternut squash, this member of the winter squash family is one of my favourite to work with at the moment. It has a sweet and nutty flavour which makes any winter dishes colorful, tasty and appetising.

Gnocchi, grilled butternut squash with lentils, butternut squash purée are on the menu. Easy to make and healthy, the next few weeks are going to be orange.


I am offering my services as a private chef around the Chichester area. If you are planning an intimate dinner party or a larger gathering, I will be more than happy to tailor the perfect menu to satisfy your expectations and make sure that your party is a huge success. Please contact me for more details.







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