Fab Cuisine came about a cumulation of things. I have been working in the hospitality industry for almost twenty years learning how to cook stunning dishes by using seasonal ingredients. Sustainability has always been the key factor of the recipes executed. Interacting with local suppliers, knowing the provenance of the product, were the motto in the kitchen. Through this blog, I would like to introduce some recipes which have been in my heart since a while. With a bit of time, care, love and knowledge you will find your journey in your kitchen to be more enjoyable. Creating a repertoire of recipes through the seasons is the aim of this blog.

The recipes that you will find on this blog are easy to make. This blog will help you to cook dishes through the week to bring joy and excitement around your table. My recipes have a detailed step by step instructions along with the pictures related to each step.

You will find organising your pantry and kitchen fundamental. Cooking with what you currently have in your kitchen will safe you time and money. Some of the recipes will teach you how to cook a lunch or dinner for four under a pound!


It’s important for me to bring the best of each ingredients into my plate. Eating seasonal and tasty food keep me healthy and fit. Below, I have attached some of my dishes. I really hope that you will find the same pleasure than me by cooking them!

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